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"I have been in the commercial real estate business for over 20 years and have been involved in well over $1 Billion of real estate transactions including many personal real estate investments throughout the country. When it comes to residential properties, I always turn to Shari for her professionalism, market knowledge, dedication and perhaps most importantly, her integrity. I have used Shari on all of my own and family members’ personal residential transactional needs, both on the listing and purchasing side. She sold my parents home and represented them on their purchase in Palos Verdes Estates. She is focused and thorough during a transaction which brings much peace of mind. In short, I would highly recommend Shari for any residential brokerage needs, she is a consummate professional."
Robert Abbasi President RTI Properties, Inc. 6852 Alta Vista Dr
"I first met Shari Bakotich in 1996 when my wife and I were looking to buy a house on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. As her signs were everywhere, we decided to call her. We knew immediately that she was the person to represent us. She was genuinely concerned with what was best for us as a young family and took the time needed to make us feel comfortable with our decision. Her knowledge and expertise was, and still is, top notch. Her professionalism is a great example for others seeking to become involved in real estate. We recommended her to one of our friends and they were equally delighted with the level of service she provided. When it came time to find someone to represent my mom with leasing two condos, Shari was our pick. I can highly recommend Shari."
Walter J. Zanino President Executive Director Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation 28684 Roan Road

"This letter is to wholeheartedly endorse Shari Bakotich as one of the most professional, diligent and caring agents myself and family has had the pleasure to work with.

Our family recently suffered the great loss of both our parents within a very short time and found ourselves having to list the home we were raised in. This decision was both heartbreaking and difficult for myself and three other siblings. As you can imagine not everyone is always on the same page and Shari was not only patient but guided my family every last step of the way. Her professionalism is second to none, and done with the most compassionate heart.

So many things transpire during the sale of a trust in which we had never dealt with before. Shari’s follow up, determination and honest sincerity is what made our transaction as easy as something so difficult can be.

At the end of our transaction Shari did something so absolutely wonderful that we will forever cherish. She had a sketch done of our family home and framed it for each one of my siblings. This picture hangs in each of our homes with pride.

I can make myself available if you have any questions or concerns regarding the most difficult and important decisions you may ever make."

Sincerely, John Cusolito 2326 Paseo Del Mar 310-347-7222

"Our family decided to sell our PalosVerdes home in October of 2011. After interviewing several lisitng agents, we decided on Shari Bakotich! Her advice on house preparation was superb. It was just as important to know what was not essential to upgrade or repair as to what we needed to do to prepare the house.

The second question was listing price. With Shari's knowledge and experience, we were able to arrive at a realistic, but upper end price and attract some interest in short order. We received an offer within a week and with Shari's assistance our counter offer was accepted and the house was sold within a month.

Her knowledge was just as strong in the paperwork end of the transaction. Shari actually made our compliance work easy.

No one could have been more supportive and helpful than Shari

We were delighted that she represented us on the sale of our house. "

Joseph and Valerie Kennedy 30679 PV Dr East

"I have been a business owner for the past 20+ years as well as a licensed Real Estate Agent for the past 3 years. Shari sold me my home several years ago. When I decided to re-sell my home I chose Shari to represent me in the transaction. There were many unique disclosures that needed to he handed by a true professional.

When the buyer and his agent (with 25+ yrs in the business) read over the many detailed disclosures, they decided not to have their own home inspection even though we advised them to do so.

The agent called me and said “Ralph I have never ever seen such a detailed and professional job in my entire career.” The escrow officer also stated that Shari was the most qualified real estate agent that she has ever worked with. I would very happy to have Shari represent me in any future transactions. "

Ralph C. Manuel, retired owner of Anza Rents 3303 Via Campesina

"When we first began the process of buying a home, it was quite overwhelming with the amount of possibilities, as well as all of the aspects of each individual property to think about. Shari proved to be a tremendous asset and was able to not only help navigate us through the search for a house, but also point out potential issues we might not have otherwise considered. She took a great deal of care and consideration to make sure the process ran smoothly, and was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns we had along the way. Solely because of her, we were able to not just buy a house but were able to find a home. We plan on using Shari in the future for all of our real estate matters, and would highly recommend her to anyone about to embark on the same search."

Melinda Nishioka 810 Camino Real #204

"Hi Shari,

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for your representation in the purchase of our home in RPV. Not only did you demonstrate your skills as a successful negotiator, but you did so with such professionalism and care for us that we did not see you as our realtor but as part of our family. Also, your knowledge of Trusts was extremely helpful as I was closing a Trust at the time, which in part was to fund our purchase. In fact, we were so thrilled with how you handled our purchase that we didn't hesitate in contacting you later to represent us in listing our other home. We are still amazed at how well you orchestrated the listing and sale, securing a buyer within less than 2 weeks, and for a price that exceeded our asking price!

Shari, you deserve our highest compliments for all you have done for us.

Thank you so much!"

Daniel E. Feuerlicht 2210 Via Velardo

"My husband and I were lucky to have had Shari Bakotich of RE/MAX handle the sale of our house. In simple terms, what you will get with Shari is the true sense of professionalism. She is honest, and follows through on whatever transaction is taking place. I started referring to her as the bulldog. I say that in the most loving way. I know, we used to have a bulldog. Whatever is involved in getting a house on the market, she makes it easier for you and will help you through the whole process. Will stay in contact with you just about every day -- either by phone, or e-mail. With Shari, you do not to concern yourself about anything -- she stays on top of everything. Also very easy to work with and so pleasant."

Angela & Wesley Sparks 6421 Via De Anzar

"Shari Bakotich is a great realtor. Not only does she know how to list and sell but has excellent negotiating skills. There were no comps for my property to show to the appraiser but she convinced him of the value of my property. Her 25 years of experience selling real estate on the East Side of the Peninsula, and all over, have proven valuable on the sale of my property in such a short time. She goes the extra mile. She has become a great friend."

Jo Boehm 6 La Vista Verde

"To whomever is seeking an excellent real estate agent We just sold our house in Rancho Palos Verdes; Shari Bakotich was our real estate agent. She was referred to us by friends and we believe that our decision to follow their recommendation was very advantageous to us. Shari is very professional. She did not “sugar coat” her opinions but gave good direct advice. Following her advice resulted in the receipt of numerous good offers and escrow opening about 8 days after listing the house on the MLS. Her advice regarding the various offers was invaluable; we were lucky in that we could choose. We found Shari to be very accessible and practical. We recommend her without reservation. "

Christina Owen and Marvin Isaacson 3073 Crest Rd., RPV

"Shari Bakotich helped me and my elderly father sell our home in Rancho Palos Verdes. My Mother and Father built and lived in the home from 1957 until it sold in August 2014. Needless to say the house has great sentimental value to our family. Shari was aware and respectful of our feelings and did everything in her power to locate a buyer who would love and appreciate the home as much as we do. The house was listed on the MLS and sold within 9 days for above asking price. Shari goes to great lengths to market the properties she represents. Everything from advice on how to best showcase the house’s features to the beautiful color brochures she creates. Shari is there every step of the way through the daunting buying and selling process. She is always available to answer questions and offers excellent advice."

Vicki Wallace and Donald Offill 12 Saddle Rd., RPV

"I highly recommend Shari Bakotich of Re/Max Estate Properties. Shari is extremely professional and conducted herself with the utmost integrity throughout the entire process of selling my home. It was evident from our initial meeting that Shari's primaryconcern was to protect my interests . She was a tremendous resource for marketing and preparing my home for sale. She wentout of her way to ensure that she accommodated my schedule while still keeping me on track with our timeline. Most importantly, Shari's years of experience were critical when it came to the negotiation process. Shari made sure that the transaction went smoothly so that I could focus on preparing to move. I would not hesitate to work with Shari in the future. I know that I would be in good hands."

Cheryn and Robert G 17 Ocean Crest Ct

"We closed escrow in two weeks.

Yes, Shari and I closed escrow in two weeks for the sale of my residential house at Via Colinita, RPV. The house needed substantial work. Our plan was to target builders and investors. Before the property was listed on MLS, Shari immediately marketed the property to select RE MAX agents.

Within days we had two offers. Shari insisted to wait until the property was listed on MLS. We immediately received two additional offers. The accepted offer was $50,000 above list price and purchased by an owner builder. Shari handled the transaction process with speed and professionalism. I will use Shari on my next real estate transaction."

Wayne S McNeill 6205 Via Colinita,, RPV

"We closed escrow in two weeks.

We met Shari Bakotich in 1996 when we selected her to represent us in the marketing of our home in Miraleste .Wasn't difficult choosing her since her "For Sale" and SOLD signs were every where! (We knew we had to meet this agent). I had been in the business for 20 yrs. and re cently retired my license. The 1990's real estate market was very unusual so it wa s vitally im- portant to choose an agent wisely. Well, that is exactly what we did in hiring Shari Bakotich. She has been on my "speed dial" since then. Talk about success.........We are both still smilng, thinking of our many transactions. Sh ari is one of most knowledgea ble Real Estate Professionals that I know and I am honored that she has worked with us through so me tough "closures". The second "perk" of meet ing Shari, Real Estate Professional , is that she is a true friend. Thank you Shari for everything..

Within days we had two offers. Shari insisted to wait until the property was listed on MLS. We immediately received two additional offers. The accepted offer was $50,000 above list price and purchased by an owner builder. Shari handled the transaction process with speed and professionalism. I will use Shari on my next real estate transaction."

Wayne S McNeill 6205 Via Colinita,, RPV

"When it came time to sell our RPV house in 2015, it was a tricky real estate market teetering on the margin of a two-speed economic recovery. We had been collecting names of real estate agents who impressed us over the years, as having strong insight into the Peninsula area home values and smaller community sales profiles. We contacted each of them to meet and talk through their assessment of our likely selling price, a listing strategy, home preparation, showing and presentation, etc.

Shari Bakotich emerged from this winnowing process as the most knowledgeable and most candid, which was exactly what we needed. Equally important was her keen insight as to what should and should not be done in preparing the house for viewing - perfect balance, ensuring our money was well spent. As impressed as we were in selecting Shari, we were even more impressed as the process played out. She assembled a lovely virtual tour for the website listing, created a compelling brochure that advertised the aspects of the house and property that we ourselves considered most attractive and useful. Her advertising campaigns were canny and well focused. As we progressed through responding to offers and execution of escrow, she exercised unrelenting attention to detail, judgment regarding contract language and potential pitfalls, and above all an unwavering standard of ethics that assures clean closure of all items with minimal opportunity for misunderstanding. To say she is thorough would be an understatement. Everything was explained, addressed, then checked and re-checked. It would be difficult to imagine a more competent real estate agent.

And that is perhaps only half the story. Shari took personal interest in our needs and seemed to become a part of our family. She deliberately sought to reduce our stress by dealing with issues that arose to make sure she knew what our options were. When she was sure that she had arranged things as well as she could on her own, she then brought us into the conversation, taking pains to explain the pros and cons as she saw them, and making our choices as clear as possible. At the same time, she was flexible in outlook, listening carefully to our views and concerns to be integrated into the larger picture. Shari has the uncommon ability to keep the client involved and in control, without having to deal with minutiae or intermediate problem-working that she can dispense on her own. This personal aspect of Shari's service is not only pleasant, it makes for clear-headed, uncluttered decision making on the part of her client.

My wife and I will always be grateful to Shari Bakotich for being the real estate agent we needed at an important time in our lives. And we will always consider her a friend. "

David and JoAn Parsley 28136 PV Dr East, Rancho Palos Verdes